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Welcome to Spring 2023 Recruitment!

A Message from the Internals

Welcome to Phi Chi Theta’s New York Beta Chapter!

As this semester’s VPs of Internal Affairs, we want to be the first to welcome you to join us during Phi Chi Theta’s Spring 2023 Rush Week! We are really excited to meet you in the next few weeks!

First, a little intro about Phi Chi Theta: PCT is a national professional business fraternity with 41 chapters across the US. We aim to promote business and foster an inclusive community focused on supporting members through college and beyond. Everyone is unique, and the PCT community is fully committed to helping each individual succeed academically, professionally, as well as personally.

Throughout the 10-week pledging process, you may face many difficult situations, but you will also experience some of your fondest memories. You will also build some of your strongest ever friendships. This brotherhood will always be your support system, wherever you go. The friendships made and the memories created here will last a lifetime, and the network you gain will also be one you can carry with you for the rest of your career.

We, as this semester's Pledge Masters, are dedicated to walking with you through this entire process to ensure that the journey is smooth and help you develop both personally and professionally. One of our biggest focuses is going beyond the norm and breaking the status quo. Don’t be afraid to pursue your interests, whatever they may be. Don’t be afraid to be different.

Thank you for your interest in Phi Chi Theta. We welcome you and hope to meet you soon!


Stephanie Shao & Yuki Tsutsumi

Vice Presidents of Internal Affairs

FALL 2022 RUSH.png

Spring 2023 Application!

Applications due by Friday, 02/03, 9:00AM ET

Spring 2023 Rush Schedule

MONDAY 01/30

12:30-1:45PM | TISC T-200

Freshman Kick-off

Although this event is primarily to welcome freshmen to learn more about our fraternity, we encourage all rushees to attend and meet some of the brothers!

Meet the Brothers I*

7:00-9:00PM | TISC T-200

Come out to meet the brothers of NYU PCT. Featuring a panel of newly-crossed members at the beginning of this event followed by open mingle, you will get to hear about a diversity of experiences here at PCT!


12:30-1:45PM | KMC 3-90

Meet the Brothers II*

Come out to our second session of Meet the Brothers and meet our members and learn more about the diversity of experiences here at PCT!

Industry Panel

7:00-9:00PM | TISCT-200

PCT's upperclassmen will talk about their experiences in a variety of industries, including finance, consulting, marketing, and tech. Open mingle and Q&A with members will follow after the panel!


12:30-1:45PM | KMC 4-60

PCT x Operation Gratitude

Hosted by our community service branch, our members will be writing letters to the elderly in NYC! Come join us to make an impact on our community!

Game Night

7:00-9:00PM | TISCH T-201

Come by our Game Night for an evening of board games and lots of fun with members and fellow rushees! Have fun bonding (or competing) over games with members! 


12:30-1:45PM | UC-24

PCT x Bank of America


We are excited to welcome guests from Bank of America for an information session with PCT. 

Alumni Mingle

7:00-9:00PM | TISCH T-201

Join us and meet some of PCT's alumni! Feel free to ask about their experiences within PCT, NYU, their current companies, or just advice in general!

FRIDAY 02/03


Applications Due

Please see the instructions on the application for submission information.


Invite Only

Secret Event

Rushees must attend 1 Meet the Brothers and 4 other events for your application to be considered.

* = Must attend 1 Meet the Brothers. If you attend both, they will both count towards the 5 event requirement.

KMC = Kaufman Management Center (44 W 4th St.)
TISC = Tisch Hall (40 W 4th St.)

FALL 2022 RUSH.png

Curious about PCT? Coffee chat an E-Board member here!

Spring 2023 Rush Resources

Candidate Application: Click here to apply

Due Friday 02/03, 9:00AM ET

Coffee Chat the E-Board: Click here to request

We will email you with updates on coffee chats.

Rush Week Calendar: Click here to add calendar

Stay updated by adding our Google Calendar.

If you have any further questions, please see our FAQ page,

or email us at

See you at rush!

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