New York City



APO x PCT x Charity Miles

In collaboration with APO, we conducted a food crawl utilizing the app Charity Miles to benefit numerous charities such as the World Wildlife Fund. For every miles traveled, PCT and APO helped sponsor a donation from a corporate sponsor. We sponsored over 40 corporate donations that day. As a fraternity we continue to utilize Charity Miles daily, and have helped sponsor over 250 donations.

Fun Fact: 2 groups met Tobey Maguire!!

Ice Skating Fundraiser

Due to the arrival of winter, PCT hosted an ice skating fundraiser in an effort to support stray animals who are exposed to the harsh weather. Despite some rain and a particularly cold day, PCT raised over $300 for the Social Tees Animal Rescue Association.


PCT x Housing Works

In collaboration with Housing Works, PCT created bracelets during our Fall 2021 rush week in an effort to help fight the crisis of aids and homelessness in New York City. We created over 50 bracelets for Housing Works, which were then sold to raise money. 

PCT x Housing Works

PCT x Housing Works